How to eat properly on drying: basic principles and recommendations

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Proper construction of a diet to get rid of fat and preserve muscle mass. What nutrients should be eaten and in what quantity.

Mass gain is one of the main tasks for every athlete. But let’s say the goal is achieved – you received the expected volumes and gained that way 10-15 kilograms of total weight. The next goal is to “dry”, that is, remove excess fat and expose your muscles in all its glory. How is body drying organized? What should be the Testosterone undecanoate for sale online in Australia in bodybuilding in order to remove fat, but keep the muscles intact?  Look for all the answers in this article.


Main goals

Before you get down to business, understand the main goals. As a rule, drying the body is:

  • rid the body of accumulated body fat. The result is exposure of muscle fibers, dryness, dryness. With high-quality drying in bodybuilding, oblique muscles of the abdomen, abs cubes appear;
  • preservation of all (or most) of the muscles.

To solve this problem, focus on three “whales”:

  • special nutrition, excluding a large amount of fat and fast carbohydrates;
  • aerobic (cardio) load;
  • the right choice of exercises.


How to reduce fat?

Drying the body always begins with the elimination of fat. And here you have two ways:

  • spend more energy in training than comes from food;
  • to cover the lack of glucose by maintaining the concentration of ketone bodies.

In the case of aerobic exercise, the best option is jogging, the duration of which should be 30-40 minutes. To quickly get rid of excess weight, it is worth exercising on an empty stomach (ideal option – immediately after sleep).

In this case, the drying process in bodybuilding can take place according to the following plan:

  • morning rise to 7 in the morning (regardless of whether it is a day off or a weekday);
  • a few glasses of water. If the liquid does not climb, then you can eat some nuts to start the main processes;
  • going for a run (if drying the body is a priority, then you can run even on the day of training);
  • high-quality breakfast with a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and proteins (ideal percentage – 40 to 60, respectively);
  • the next run (there must be two of them) is carried out at any convenient time.

As for the second version of drying the body, it is more complicated from the point of view of understanding. Regular monitoring is important here, because an excess of ketone bodies can be dangerous for the body. During fasting, it is these bodies that act as an energy source for the brain and other organs.



The optimal level of acidity in our blood is from 7.3 to 7.4 (approximately). Going beyond these limits will be stressful for the body. Ketone bodies come into play, which trigger the process of burning fat. The downside of this situation is that the body is undergoing serious stress. Therefore, the best option is a gradual increase in the portion of protein food in the diet.

How to save muscle?

Proper nutrition and training is a powerful pair for drying in bodybuilding. The only question is how to protect your body from muscle loss. To solve the problem is simple – it is enough to organize the training process correctly. Try to do the exercises quickly, without big pauses between each other. Choose your working weight in such a way as to make 17-20 repetitions. The number of cycles is one or two, the total number of exercises for each cycle is 7-8.

When developing a program, pay attention to all muscle groups – legs, arms, abs and chest. For example, you can use:

  • for legs – squat with weight, leg press in the platform;
  • for hands – work on a rowing machine, bench press with a narrow grip;
  • for the press – reverse twisting, work on fitball, hammers.


Nutrition rules

Drying your body will be effective only if you organize proper nutrition. The rules below can be applied both in bodybuilding and in ordinary life (subject to training at home).

So, follow these tips:

  • gradually reduce calories. The first week at 10%, another 1-2 weeks at 20% and so on. This will allow you to smoothly change your diet and not shock the body too much. At the same time, monitor the current results (by the thickness of the folds). If they become smaller, then everything goes well;
  • in bodybuilding, it is important to monitor the amount of incoming fats and carbohydrates (we talked about this above). Ideally, these components should be eliminated or their volume minimized. Here, also act in steps. If drying the body does not work, then continue to reduce the proportion of these components in the diet;
  • Remember the importance of a balanced diet. Plant fats should be around 10% in relation to the rest of the calories. It is recommended to include fish with a high content of omega-3 acids in the diet. If drying the body gives an effect, then you should not completely remove carbohydrates. They should be about 30-40% (while necessarily slow). The latter are contained in many products, but in bodybuilding preference is given to vegetables, fruits (only unsweetened), rye, and so on. As a supplement, you can take special complexes that complement the nutrition and make up for the lack of useful components;
  • eat fractionally. The ideal option is to eat up to five to six times a day. In this case, the portions should be small. Try not to eat just before going to the gym. The best option is to eat something hearty 1.5-2 hours before class. Exceptions are allowed only for sports nutrition. For example, protein shakes or pure amino acids are increasingly popular in bodybuilding;
  • make sure your body is getting enough protein. At the same time, it is desirable to obtain 60-70 percent of the daily norm from food, and the rest from sports supplements. The task of the protein in this case is to suppress catabolic processes and to preserve the muscles from destruction (when drying the body, this task is more than relevant);
  • control fluid intake. The total volume of water should be about 2.5-3 liters. If you do not give your body a sufficient amount of fluid, then the metabolism will slow down. This, in turn, will lead to a decrease in the rate of weight loss. Another drawback of lack of fluid is a large load on the heart. So after each approach 1-2 sips will not hurt.



Finally, here are a few tips to help dry the body in bodybuilding:

  • act in a complex, that is, combine effective training and a quality diet;
  • to speed up the process of losing weight, include special sports nutrition in your diet;
  • use fat burners, but consider the likely side effects. Among the known drugs are thyroxine, ephedrine and others;
  • You can save muscle mass with the help of anabolic steroids and testosterone boosters;
  • lean on fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, fat-free dairy products, fish, low-fat poultry and meat, as well as eggs.

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