Edible Films and Coatings Market to Expand with Significant CAGR During 2019 – 2029

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Edible Films and Coatings Market: Market Outlook

Microorganisms contaminate food products causing food spoilage and poisoning. Therefore, inhibition and inactivation of undesirable microorganisms in food products are important to assure the safety of foods. The quality of the food products is associated with their nutritional, microbiological, and organoleptic properties which change during storage. Such changes are caused by migration between different components within composite foods or interaction between foods and their surrounding environment. Handling, storage, and transportation are steps which have an influence of dehydration, deterioration, losing flavor and nutritional value of products.

Edible films and coatings play an important part in the transportation, quality, storage, and display of the extensive range of processed and fresh food products. Edible films and coatings are layers of edible material applied to food products that play a vital role in their distribution and conservation. The main role of edible coatings is to preserve the high quality of a food. Edible films and coatings functions are to protect food products from microbiological activities. Also, edible films and coatings protect food products from various damages such as mechanical, physical, and chemical.

Various methods can eliminate or reduce microorganisms on food products but many of these techniques cause chemical and physical changes in food products. Nowadays, UV sterilization, gamma radiation, refrigeration, and controlled atmosphere storage are methods to ensure food products are safe. Over the next several year's foods and pharmaceutical industries are expected to be major drivers of the market which leads to an increase in the demand for edible films and coatings. Primary contributor from demand side for edible films and coatings are food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic manufacturers along with suppliers and traders. 

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Edible Films and Coatings and its Properties:

Some particular properties of edible films and coatings such as availability, cost, mechanical properties such as flexibility and tension, functional attributes, optical properties such as brightness and opacity, structural resistance against water and microorganisms and sensory acceptability. To extend the shelf life of food products, control material exchange, and to improve nutritive value and attractiveness edible films and coatings are used in food products.

Ideal edible films and coatings contain no toxic, allergic and non-digestible components. Edible Films and Coatings also provides structural stability and prevents mechanical damage during transportation, handling, and display. Ideal edible films and coatings prevent loss that stabilizes the flavor, aroma, organoleptic, and nutritional qualities of the food. 

Global Edible Films and Coatings Market: Segmentation 

On the basis of ingredient type, the global Edible Films and Coatings market has been segmented as: Polysaccharides Lipids Protein 

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On the basis of application, the global Edible Films and Coatings market has been segmented as: Fruits and Vegetables Bakery and Confectionary Nutritional Products Dairy Products Meat Poultry and Fish

On the basis of Geographical area, the global Edible Films and Coatings market has been segmented as: North America Europe Asia Pacific South America Middle East and Africa

On the basis of the end user, the global Edible Films and Coatings market has been segmented as: Food and Beverage Pharmaceuticals

Global Edible Films and Coatings Market: Market Participants

Some of the market participants dominating the global edible films and coatings market identified across the value chain include ate and Lyle PLC, Ashland INC., Kerry Group PLC, Ingredion INC., Koninklijke DSM N.V., Cargill Inc. Devro Plc., Watson Foods CO. INC., Nagase and Co. Ltd., FMC Corporation, MonoSol, LLC., CP Kelco, W Hydrocolloids, Inc., Montrose-Haeuser Co., Pace International LLC., Takikawa Oblate Corporation, Limited, FUERST DAY LAWSON HOLDINGS LIMITED, WikiCell Designs Inc., Dupont de Nemours, and Company among the other edible films and coatings manufacturers.

Opportunities for Participants in the Edible Films and Coatings Market

The demand for increasing shelf life and enhancing the microbial safety of food products expected to raise the demand and development of edible films and coatings in the market. Edible films and coatings can be used on a large variety of food products, also edible films and coatings can add value to food products, reduce packaging, and increase shelf life which leads to boost the demand in the global market. Rising demand for these edible films and coatings in the cheese industry is expected to increase in the near future.

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