Urticaria Treatment Market to Record Sturdy Growth by 2018 – 2026

Urticaria affects around 15-25% of people at some point in their lives. The symptoms of the condition include itching followed by hives on any area of the body or the occurrence of bumps. It may be triggered by some food Read more ›

Phycocyanin Market : Value Chain, Dynamics and Key Players 2018 – 2028

XploreMR offers a ten-year forecast for the global phycocyanin market between 2018 and 2028. The report also includes macroeconomic indicators along with an outlook on phycocyanin for the global market. The study demonstrates in-depth analysis of the key market dynamics, Read more ›

Multitargeted Therapies Promiscuous Drugs and Combination Therapies Market: Scope, Applications and Growth Framework 2015 – 2021

Get Sample Copy of this report at A paradigm shift has been observed with respect to the development of effective therapies involving the use of complementary drug combinations. The main focus of such therapies is to target all the Read more ›

Coated Fabrics for Defense Market by Manufacturer Analysis 2018 – 2028

Global Coated Fabrics for Defense Market A new research report by XploreMR focuses on the current demand for coated fabrics for defense market. It includes an analysis which involves different types of fabric materials available in the global market, the Read more ›

Shim Stock Material Market Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities, Forecast to 2016 – 2026

Global Shim Stock Material Market: Introduction Shim is a thin, tapered or wedged piece of material, used to fill small spaces between objects. Shim Stock base material varies with their application. Shim can be made up of materials such as Read more ›

Natural Lecithin Market to See Incredible Growth During 2017 – 2025

Natural Lecithin Market Introduction: In this new aura of a modern world, people have started to prefer natural and herbal products instead of high priced artificial products. Lecithins are a group of fatty substitutes occurring in both animal and plant Read more ›

Water Soluble Pods Packaging Market to Witness Growth Acceleration During 2018 – 2028

Global Water Soluble Pods Packaging Market Outlook In the years to come, sustainable packaging may no longer be viewed as an oxymoron. Packaging companies are embracing “green” techniques in manufacturing processes, accepting sustainability as a part of solution, rather than Read more ›

Freezer & Beverage and Wine Cooler Market Size, Status and Growth Opportunities by 2018 – 2028

Freezer & Beverage and Wine Cooler Market Outlook The increase in disposable income has certainly improved the quality of life, and this has fuelled the refrigeration and cooling equipment market across the globe. Changes in lifestyle as well as eating Read more ›

Pain Drug Delivery Market to Record an Exponential CAGR by 2016 – 2022

Pain drug delivery system is an effective therapy for managing pain, whether it be a chronic nonmalignant pain, a cancer pain, or a spasticity. Medications usually circulate throughout the body in bloodstream, whereas pain drug delivery systems releases medication directly Read more ›

Carpal Tunnel Release Systems Market – Qualitative Analysis on Demand 2018 – 2028

This XploreMR report examines the ‘Global Carpal Tunnel Release Systems Market’ for the period 2018–2028. The primary objective of the report is to offer updates and information related to market opportunities in the global carpal tunnel release systems market. The Read more ›